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The Type GX static mixer is used only when the capabilities of the Type HT static mixer are exceeded. The GX mixing element structure in the 1”-2” diameter size range is used in both Monotube and Multi-Tube heat exchanger configurations for both the heating and cooling of viscous materials.


Jun 27, 2019 · The ideal result of mixing is a uniform, completely homogeneous solution. This goal is readily achieved in thinner, waterlike substances, however, highly viscous materials do not easily achieve this type of uniformity, and requires detailed understanding of the rheologies and agitation forces involved.

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NdFeB is the strongest magnetic material (greatest density of magnetic lines of flux per unit area) which makes it ideal for mixing very viscous liquids or slurries. V&P’s NdFeB stir elements and stir bars are strongly coupled to the massive NdFeB drive magnets in our stirring machines to create a powerful mixing team.

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YRSJ dual shaft disperser suits for low-to-middle viscous materials mixing. It is widely used to mix, disperse and dissolve different viscous materials. The highly rotating disc exerts a strong shear, impact, crush forces to quickly mix, dissolve, disperse and grind materials.

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What is viscous mixing?

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Multi functional Dispersing Mixer integrates low speed strong mixer and high Speed Disperser into one machine. It is specially suitable for mid and high viscous materials and thixotropic materials. Dispersing and mixing can go at the same time and result in ideal effect..

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Sigma Mixer (kneader) Sigma Mixer : ABF introduces the modern and heavy duty, strong built Sigma mixer (kneader) to produce uniform mixing and kneading heavier viscosity materials. The Sigma mixture is suitable for many applications like mixing, kneading, Grinding, dispersion, drying etc.

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Follower Plate Discharge Systems are used to discharge viscous non-flowable materials from the vessel of a Change Can Mixer. Control Systems ROSS control and data acquisition systems offer unprecedented accuracy and flexibility in the mixing and blending process.

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May 14, 2018 · For most other applications involving viscous materials, an overhead mixer fitted with an appropriate impeller will be required. When choosing a stirrer, you’ll want to be sure that it’s capable of providing the power needed to stir the viscous material.

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Oct 10, 2012 · The problem again, however, is that the high-speed blade generates flow only a very limited distance within viscous materials. Therefore, a low-speed blade(s) is usually needed to feed the product into the high-speed blade to help improve mixture homogeneity, and minimize the tendency to generate zones of poor mixing and high temperature.

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Jun 01, 2000 · Yet, in the case of mixing highly viscous materials, achieving uniformity is often a difficult, but not impossible, challenge. Turbulent Flow When a turbine-type mixer creates turbulence in the lower viscosity ranges (less than 5,000 centipoise), the resulting flow is chaotic.

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12. Power number curves. 5. COOARISON OF MIXERS To decide which is the best mixer we must know the power, Pm, required to reach a specified mixing time. We have seen that for a number of mixers, in the viscous region, the product nO was independent of Re, while the power number in this region was inversely proportional to Re.

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Oct 30, 2012 · Introduction to Mixing of High Viscosity Materials. Mixing is the process wherein the non-uniformity within the mixture is reduced. Materials such as polymer, putties, pastes, grease, chewing gum, solid propellant have viscosities exceeding 10 Pa-s (10,000 centipoise) and are categorized as viscous materials.

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Heavy Duty Sigma Mixer Machine is combination of mixing and kneading for highly viscous materials. Machine is having heavy duty design with suitable gauge metal in bowl, blade, cover and jacket for heavy structure to deal with high viscous product. Subsequent higher capacity motor and sturdy gearbox provided matching to product parameters.

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For some high abrasive material, the mixing agitator shall be chosen high wear resistant material like 16Mn or Hardox. For heat sensitive material, we shall choose mild and low speed mixing. For viscous material, strong and heavy duty agitator shall be used for mixer. 4. Material Conveying Handling

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Welcome to AMBICA BOILER & FABRICATOR the most cost effective & reliable manufacturer modern and heavy duty, strong built Sigma mixer (kneader) to produce uniform mixing and kneading heavier viscosity materials. The Sigma mixture is suitable for many applications like mixing, kneading, Grinding, dispersion, drying etc.

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Xo 1 HF mixer together with the LX mixing paddle - a perfect team for mixing 2K epoxy materials . 2K epoxi materials must be mixed with great care and especially the right mixing equipment. Our practical example shows you an easy way for perfect mixing. ︎ Learn more

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3. Heavy Duty Mixers: Mixers for Viscous, Pasty Materials. For high-viscosity materials, the mixing regime changes from one in which turbulence dominates (as in liquid agitators) to one in which viscous drag forces dominate. Moreover, some materials exhibit Non-Newtonian behavior.

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What equipment is needed to stir this viscous material? The following will introduce to you the Yikai SXJ series double planetary high viscous mixing mixer. Double Planetary Mixer is a new type of high viscous mixing mixer with high performance, high efficiency, easy cleaning and maintenance.

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The 2-Speed Power Mixer helps mix your mortar, thinset and grout for installing tiles. The mixer is designed to handle viscous material and can run at 700 rpm for powerful, efficient mixing. Ergonomic handle helps reduce fatigue. Includes a FREE Chuck Kit. For use with any non-threaded mixing paddle. For Replacement Paddle, use: