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Industrial Induced Draft Fan for Baghouse. In this asphalt plant installation example, we designed and delivered the industrial fan for an asphalt plant equipment OEM. The induced draft backward-curved arrangement 1 fan included a dual drive with two 150 horsepower motors, delivering 300 horsepower combined. The induced draft fan pulls the sand and dust through the baghouse, minimizing waste and pollution by collecting the particles and returning them to the asphalt mix.

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The plant had recently added a new line and had purchased some equipment to be able to make more asphalt to keep up with the demand. This piece of equipment is an exhaust fan for their bag house system. A bag house is a duct collection process through filtering. The blower would exhaust air after the air was passed through the filters section.

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Talvar asphalt mixing plant 160 t/h – bag filter. Technical specification. 1- Cold feed system1-1 cold silos. 5silos(2+3 silos) Matrial flow control with warning signal

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The airflow and pressure drop in your plant system is derived from a high efficiency, low energy, backward inclined exhaust fan powered by a fully digital, AC flux vector drive motor. This frequency drive control eliminates the need for a soft starter and a mechanical damper while also eliminating voltage drops on fan startup.

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The proprietor stated: “Variable frequency drive for 300 HP baghouse exhaust fan allows exhaust fan to gradually speed up and slow down to conserve power consumption and alleviate undue stress on exhaust fan motor, blade housing components and belts. Operator able to increase asphalt plant production under more even controlled speed with VFD.”

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The Astec exhaust fan is designed for a wide range of operating conditions and is capable of operating at high differential pressures. The fan’s backward-curved blade runs quieter and uses less power than other fan designs. The drives can be configured to be driven either by belts and sheaves or direct coupling.


The Ammann baghouse filter reduces exhaust particulates to well below the 10mg/Nm 3 PM. The filter is designed to provide maximum efficiency and minimal pressure and heat loss. The filter is designed to provide maximum efficiency and minimal pressure and heat loss.

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On portable plants with a wet wash you should check the seals around where the venturi enters the knockout-box and the scrubber. The same holds true for the ductwork between a baghouse and the knockout-box. 2- Double check to see that the exhaust fan is looked out and tagged out as per OSHA regulations.

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Asphalt mixing plants in particular are status symbols among material plants, making them the most eye-catching type of building and highly prominent in their surroundings. Tanaka Iron Works offers a new type of plant, placing importance not only on appearance but also on harmony with the environment.

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Count on Us to Always Deliver: When you need superior service and fast, reliable delivery, count on Cincinnati Fan. We specialize in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel industrial fans between 1/4 and 125 horsepower.

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Jun 26, 2020 · The burner of an asphalt mixing plant determines its success. If you are well versed with the machine you will know how important the burner. The (Asphalt Plant) burner is the component which determines the success or failure of the product. Any good quality burner of asphalt mixer will aim to use minimum fuel and generate maximum heat. This will enable to achieve maximum savings and give a ...

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Built in exhaust duct and custom fit inlet ducting for any type application; Heavy duty support structural to provide clearance for airlocks, dust blowers, vane feeders or other devices; Pre-piping assembly, compressed air and diaphragm valves are factory installed and aligned; Exhaust fan system custom sized for specific plant requirements


bitumen and fines piping, frame mounted exhauster fan with high efficiency dust collector fitted with discharge dust screw conveyor. High pressure jet burner is capable of heating the aggregate to the required temperature without any un burnt fuel or carbon residue on the aggregate and to reduce the moisture content of the aggregate to minimum.

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and exhaust fan operated with a variable frequency speed control (24.1 lb-CO 2e or equivalent). B. For modified continuous mix asphalt plant dryers producing asphalt for Caltrans projects: Counter-flow drum dryer/mixer with premium efficiency electric motors and exhaust fan operated with a variable frequency speed control (28.8 lb-CO 2e or ...

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Sep 07, 2020 · What are some measures that can be taken for effective energy management in asphalt plants? Ammann’s state-of-the-art asphalt batch plants’ energy management system is based on three main components of plant i.e. dryer drum and burner, bag-house and exhauster fan.

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MULTICYCLONE EXHAUST The dust collection system consists of enclosed multiple cyclones, exhaust fan and chimney. FEATURES • Fully Computerised Plants upto 150 TPH Capacity. • Mobile and Stationary. • Wet Type and Bag House Filter Systems. • Hot Mix Storage Silos. • Global Presence with Prompt Product Support. ADVANTAGES

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May 11, 2017 · Traditional asphalt plant burners use the air from the environment (sucked in by an exhaust fan with constant turning speed) and a mechanical fan (called a blower) to provide the amount of air needed for combustion inside the dryer drum.

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Sep 16, 2015 · Asphalt; Plant Components ... In a drum plant, the exhaust system on the plant can handle the smaller steam releases. ... The steam that is generated gets pulled from the mixer with an exhaust fan ...

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asphalt mix batching plant blade scraper spares parts Asphalt Concrete Mixer Mixing Blades, Mixing Paddle. a asphalt plant parts, liner plates, mixer arms,paddle road constructionammann a is the top end asphalt batch mix optimized configuration of paddle mixing arms. asphalt mixing plant spare parts concrete mixer mixing blades asphalt mix plant, mini hot mix plant quality asphalt mixing.

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High-Pressure Blowers for Asphalt and Aggregate Plants. For 60 years, Pauls Fans has been manufacturing high-pressure blowers. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry has allowed us to design and fabricate blowers to customer’s exact specifications. You can rest assure that your fan will be built with the toughest most rugged materials on the ...